Chronic 5 Awards and counting


Serious seeds chronicChronic is a heavy heavy yielding cannabis plant. It is medium height with unrivaled perfection of high yield and superior quality.

Chronic is Serious Seeds most popular commercial feminised cannabis strain. Absolutely huge resin coated buds and very easy to grow. Smokers grow this plant for its combination of appearance and sweet smell in Holland.

Chronic can realistically produce up to 600 g/m2 whilst regaining connoisseur quality. It grows an enormous central bud with few side branches making this strain unsuitable for topping.  

Chronic produces a very mild sent whilst growing/flowering.  Be certain you dry buds thoroughly after harvest to maintain the subtle aroma and avoid any mould problems.

Of all our strains, this is the ultimate strain for growers demanding uncompromised quality and maximum yields.

Winner of the 3rd prize High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994, improved in 2000. 1st prize Highlife Cup Spain 2004 (by Mundo Ganja, Alicante). 2nd prize Highlife Cup Spain 2004, category: Hydroponic (by Perenne Grow, Barcelona). Last award won by Chronic: 2nd prize El Punto Cup 2005, category: Outdoor,  Málaga, Spain.

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Genetics Northern Lights, Skunk x Northern Lights, AK-47
Pack size 6 Seeds
Variety Indica / Sativa
Sex Female
Awards 3rd prize High Times Cannabis Cup 1994
Grows Grows indoors, outdoors, Greenhouse,
THC content Unknown/high
Flowering 8-9 weeks