Another one of the five new strains that were originally developed by Magus Genetics; just like serious seeds, Magus Genetics only ever produced a small number of top quality strains so these have fitted in superbly at serious.  Double Dutch gets its name from being crossed with a Warlock male and Chronic female [both Dutch varieties].  In the vegetative stage Double Dutch shows its Indica dominance with huge broad leaves and a thick heavy stem; once into the flowering stage the huge buds resemble a Sativa strain.  When flowering, as long as the tips receive adequate light they will all produce lovely heavy buds.  The aroma is sweet and clean coupled with a strong cerebral high.  Double Dutch has also won several awards.

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Genetics Warlock x pre-2000 Chronic
Pack size 6 Seeds
Variety Mostly Indica
Sex Female
Awards 3rd place Highlife Cup Outdoor 2006, 1st place ICMag Growers Cup 2007, 2nd place ICMag Breeders Cup 2007
Grows Grows indoors, outdoors, Greenhouse,
THC content Unknown/high
Flowering 8-9 weeks