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Cannabis Price Wars

A recent report claimed that medicinal marijuana users were being forced to go back to buying their medication from dealers because the cannabis pharmacies were too expensive. Whilst I believe that this may be true in some circumstances, I find it hard to believe that this is about to start cannabis price wars. And it’s […]

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Indica or Sativa cannabis strains

Indica or Sativa Cannabis strains are classed as Indica or Sativa. There is also a cross of both strains which is just commonly called a hybrid strain. But here we will look at the key difference between the pure Indica and Sativa strains. The Indica cannabis strain is identifiable by it’s by its large broad leaf span when […]

Best cannabis stories of the week

Fancy a breakfast with a bit more bang? Then you may want to try this new recipe… Cannabis, Chai, and Chia Seed breakfast pudding. GO have a look   It’s crazy, but more results are proving cannabis really can help schizophrenia. This recent test proves it yet again. Read more   It seems that cannabis is […]

How to prune and dry cannabis

Cannabis Strains all have their unique characteristics, some being leafier than others. That said, they all require some element of pruning and all need to be dried correctly before usage. How to prune a cannabis plant The first thing to do is remove all the large fan leaves. I find it easier to leave the […]

Weed World Cannabis News

A round up of the best of the World’s Cannabis News Looks like there is still plenty to be positive about in the UK… According to reports, parliament is to discuss cannabis legislation next month… Read here   Where there’s a will there’s a way… Very cheeky this, looks like college kids have found a way […]

Cannabis flowering Cycle

All stages of growing cannabis are a passion to me. But just like many others feel, the flowering cycle has a certain magic that cannot be denied. Seeing the actual fruits of your labour develop over those flowering weeks is something I could never grow bored of. The actual satisfaction that comes from growing and […]

Growing cannabis vegging stage

  Growing Cannabis Vegative Stage Giving your cannabis plants a period of vegative growth means giving them access to continuous light for 18 hours or more. During this vegative stage your plant is given the chance to grow in size without producing any buds. It is also a chance for them to gain some vigour […]

How to germinate Cannabis Seeds

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] How to germinate cannabis seeds If you have never germinated a cannabis seed before it’s advisable to start by only trying to germinate half the seeds in your pack or half the seeds that you wish to germinate as a whole. This is to safe guard you against any mistakes and potentially […]

OG Kush Seeds

  OG which stands for ocean green or original gangster [depending where you come from in the US] has become one of the most popular cannabis seeds sold worldwide. OG Kush cannabis seeds seem to have hit a sweet for all types of cannabis users. A firm favourite with medicinal users and a huge hit […]

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Cannabis legislation and Why politicians should be Smoking Weed

Cannabis legislation and Why the world SHOULD smoke weed?  I just finished watching a documentary on the Vietnam War called “Hearts and minds” It was very moving and I was saddened deeply by the suffering of innocent Vietnamese people. I remember seeing this picture [beneath] many years ago and wondered if these children managed to […]