Growing cannabis vegging stage

Growing cannabis vegging stage


Growing Cannabis Vegative Stage

cannabis growGiving your cannabis plants a period of vegative growth means giving them access to continuous light for 18 hours or more.

During this vegative stage your plant is given the chance to grow in size without producing any buds. It is also a chance for them to gain some vigour and strength from their seedling or cutting stages.

You do not need to give a cannabis plant any vegative growth as long as the seedlings or cuttings have rooted correctly. If rooted, you can turn them onto a 12/12 light cycle immediately if you wanted. This is often done when trying to keep the plants shorter. Or if you are growing to time scales and rolling crops over at regular periods of say every 8 weeks or so.

So why veg a Cannabis plant

There are more than a few answers to this question, but I’m going to give you the main and most trusted reasons for vegging Cannabis.

The main reason for vegging marijuana is unsurprisingly, to increase yield one way or another. Whether it’s vegging for a scrog or just simply vegging a single plant to gigantic proportions, it always boils down to trying to increase yields.  I have yet to meet a grower that veg’s for any other reason.

Vegging a cannabis plant just straight, meaning without any form of growth manipulation like topping, can give gargantuan yields; but is rarely ever practical.

If you have unlimited grow room height and width, adequate lighting and growing apparatus for the plants then give it a go.

But if you are one of the many of us that is restricted in regard to growing area and are only growing for personal use, then there are still a few awesome ways that you can increase yield by vegging.

How much light to grow cannabisHow much light is right for vegging cannabis?

When vegging your cannabis seeds you will need to supply them with a minimum of 25,000 lux [per m2] and a maximum of 35,000 lux for optimum growth.

The term lux simply means the amount of lumens available per m2 when the lights lumens are directed towards the floor.

Contrary to popular belief, you can give too much light to cannabis plants when growing indoors. If you think about it for a minute it’s seems logical. Outside when a cannabis plant is growing, the light changes in intensity over the course of the day. The sun does not shine as bright at 10am as it does at 2pm.

In any grow room set up, the name of the game is trying to give the plant the correct amount of lumens for optimal growth.

If you go and bang a 1000w HPS up in a 1 m2 grow tent, it’s just going to be too intense for 18-24 hour period for 4-6 weeks.

Doing this will cause the plants to whiten due to a bleaching of their chlorophyll, and cause leaf cupping; basically you’re preventing optimum growth by using too much light.

You can use this chart to decide on what type of light you need and how many lumens are delivered by just measuring the floor space in your grow room.


Light intensity Chart for Cannabis

Light Intensity (lux) Per Area Illuminated (m2)
Light Sourcelumens1.0 m21.5 m22.0 m22.5 m23.0 m23.5 m24.0 m2
1000W HPS1400007000056000467004000035000
600W HPS90000600004500036000300002570022500
400W HPS5000050000333002500020000
250W HPS290002900019300
1000W MH1150005750046000383003290028800
400W MH40000400002670020000


Distance to hang your light from plant tops

This is a rough guide to the distance that your lights should be hung at. You can sometimes decrease the distance and increase light intensity by either keeping an oscillating fan blowing over the tops of the plants if you have a good extraction system in your room or by using an air cooled light.

As a general rule, you’ll want to get your lights as close to the tops of your plants without burning them.

Also take into account the rate at which the plants grow. It’s no good having the lights hanging within a day’s growth if you can only check your grow room every other day.

These distances are as close as the lights should ever be to your plant tops. So if in doubt add 20% to the height; it’s cannabis lights hanging distancefar better to lower them gradually than burning your plants and having to raise the reflectors because they were too low in the first place.

LED Lights: 1 inch

Fluorescents: 3 inches

CFL: Three inches

High intensity Lights HPS or MH lowest hanging distances

1000W:   26 inches

600W:     18 inches

400W:     12 inches

250W:     6 inches


Type of light for vegging cannabis, HPS or Halide

hps grow lightsI’ll keep this simple as there is no need to over complicate something that, well, just needs a brief explanation.

If you don’t mind spending the extra on having a metal halide lamp/bulb as well as a high pressure sodium [HPS] lamp for flowering, go for it and knock your pipe out.

But for all-round lamps that really do give the best of both worlds then go for HPS. The HPS lamps that are available today are so good at delivering the entire spectrum needed for fantastic plants and yields that you needn’t bother with anything else. Just read the grow shop reviews if in doubt or even give them a buzz, [on the phone] if you really feel the need.




How long should you veg for?

On average the amount of time the hobby grower veg’s for is 4 weeks. Sometimes when using a scrog you’ll go to 6 weeks to totally fill the scrog area; even 8 weeks on occasion; but that’s rare.

4 weeks of veg growth in most hydroponic systems is plenty. Soil is the exception and can take up to 12 weeks of vegging.

Roots and nutrients

What is often misunderstood when vegging your plants is that it is the greatest chance you will get at improving your plants root mass. This one factor alone can have your yields going up, up and beyond what you have ever achieved before.

More roots means the more food available to the plant, and the more food she eats the fatter she gets [as long as you have the right lighting].

Ways to increase root mass

Without going into huge detail here [because it requires a single post to cover in full], increase the amount of oxygen that the roots are receiving by adding another air stone or pump or increase the height of the drop back to the reservoir if using a recirculating system.  Use rhizotonic, this will boost the root growth like crazy. Use superthirve always and forever. Get some of this, Plant Revolution Great White.

OK, so you should now have a good foundation as to why and how to veg your cannabis plants. Remember that less is often more when vegging. Too much light, too much nutrient and just too much of anything when growing cannabis will normally result in LESS of what you want… bigger and better quality yields.

Vegative growth and other factors

All components that you need for growing cannabis successfully combine to give you the final result.

Your overall yield, quality and taste all depend on how close to optimum your lighting, nutrients, ph level, oxygenated water, nutrient solution temperature, humidity, temperature [in your grow room] and co2 are.

If you have all of these elements of growing cannabis absolutely nailed down to the perfect levels, then you should find your seeds delivering what they say on the pack. But there are still no guarantees.

It’s unlikely that you are going to get the quoted 800g m2 of white widow by planting a few seeds in soil and shoving them under some fluorescents’.

But maybe someone out there can… I have never seen it though.

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How to germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to germinate cannabis seeds

If you have never germinated a cannabis seed before it’s advisable to start by only trying to germinate half the seeds in your pack or half the seeds that you wish to germinate as a whole. This is to safe guard you against any mistakes and potentially damaging all your seeds at once. This way you can recover from any mistakes you may make.

Method 1 Germinating cannabis seeds in water

germinate cannabis seeds in waterThis is my favourite method of germination as it is simple and if you use a clear container for germination you can actually see that the seeds have germinated and are ready for transplanting to growing media.

I use a little clear plastic pot that has a lid to germinate seeds in, although a simple glass cup something like this is fine.

Firstly make sure that the container or glass you are going to use is clean and free from any form of debris of previous contents.

Fill with water and leave to stand for a few hours to settle to room temperature.

Gently drop the required amount of seeds into the water and seal the container tight if it has a lid. Put in a dark place out of any direct sunlight. A draw, cupboard or even wrapped in a towel. But it must be complete darkness.

Once the seeds have been in the darkness for 24 hours check to see if any are still floating; If so gently turn the container upside down a few times and then place back into darkness. If using a glass just give them a little prod to cover them in water again.germinated cannabis seeds

After another 48 hours checks back to see if any of the seeds have hatched. You will see a tiny root protruding from the shell. If so, remove immediately and place into your growing media and propagation system.



Method 2 Germinating cannabis seeds on a paper towel

Another good method for germination but you may find occasionally that the roots from the newly germinated seedsgerminating cannabis seeds on towel grow straight into the paper towel/cotton wool and can make things problematic when transplanting.

Lay some paper towel or cotton wool down on a plate or similar [you can use a plastic container that has a lid to prevent the towels drying out] and saturate it with water. Lay the seeds on top of the towel and the cover with more saturated paper towel.  Place in a dark place and check back every 12 hours to check that the towel is still wet. Once you see the seeds hatching remove and place in growing media and propagation.



Method 3 Germinating cannabis seeds in soil

cannabis seed germination in soilIf you are growing in soil you may as well germinate your seeds in soil. As you then have no need to transplant the seed directly, although you will transplant to a larger pot at a later stage.

Fill a small plant pot with your soil mix and water if at all dry. You can buy germination soil/seedling soil from your garden centre. Make a small hole/indentation no more than 5mm ½ cm deep in the top of the soil and place in a seed. Lightly cover the seed with soil and place in a sealable clear plastic food bag. Then leave [not in direct sunlight] for germination to take place

The great thing about using the food bags as mini propagators is that once the germination has started you can open the bag to let some fresh air in and then seal it up to the desired amount to control the humidity. These bags are really handy as propagators.

Propagation and cannabis seeds

Correct propagation is essential to the health of your newly sprouted cannabis seeds.

Too much humidity and the seed husks that have yet to fall away from the sprouting leaves can mold and rot the seedling. Too little humidity and the fragile seedlings can die.

As a rule of thumb, newly transplanted seeds can have maximum humidity for up to the first 48 hours. Once the first Propagator Kitsprouting leaves appear [the cotyledon] humidity should slowly and gradually be reduced to around 50% over the next few days. Then once the second set of leaves start to appear propagation devices can be removed or humidity lowered to below 20%.

What I always do when starting new cannabis seeds is once they are in propagation and covered, I always remove the propagator lid/undo the food bag to let in fresh air once a day. This has the benefit of not only controlling the humidity inside the propagator but also allowing fresh air to oxygenated air to the seedling.

Humidity is not set in stone for seedlings and cannabis is a weed and is hardy after all. But what you do not want to see though is humidity/moisture clinging to the leaves of the seedlings. As mentioned already, this can lead to a rapid onset of mold.

You may think that constant high humidity will keep your plant healthy and growing strong but that’s the wrong approach where seedlings are concerned.  One thing you will learn with growing is that more does not equal better.

High humidity does have its place in cannabis cultivation but that is when you are taking cuttings predominantly.

Propagation lighting

propagation light cannabis seeds

When you transplant your sprouted seedlings to their growing mediums for propagation, they will now need light to continue to grow. The type of light that is best suited for seedlings is blue spectrum florescent lighting. This is a bright white light. Also the lights do not give of much heat so you can get them close to the seedlings for higher intensity light.

When you first introduce your seedlings to light, keep the intensity of available light lower for the first couple of days. Do this by moving the hanging light up and away from the top of the propagator. I like to do this as I believe it keeps stress to the seedling at a minimal.

How much light your propagation light emits is going to play a factor in this distance from the top of the seedling.

Here’s a guideline using the popular 55 watt florescent bulbs that you get with the bright wing type of lighting system

2 tube light 15-20 cm’s away from the top of seedlings [not top of propagator]

4 tube light 30-45 cm’s away from top of seedlings [not top of propagator]

This is a guide for the first few days after initial transplanting. After this period and once you can see that the seedlings have responded positively to the available light you can then lower the light to increase the available lumens to the growing seedlings.

You will usually be able to see your seedlings develop on a daily basis at this stage. From sprouted seedling to tiny cannabis plant that does not require a propagation lid takes around 10-14 days depending on optimum conditions and strain

Nutrients for cannabis seedlings

canna_rhizotonicI only ever use a half strength solution of rhizotonic in the growing medium when bring up seedlings. So if I was transplanting my sprouted seedlings into Rockwool cubes, I’d have pre-soaked the cubes in the half strength solution. I do not use any other nutrients at all for seedlings at this stage.

Propagation temperature

Optimum temperature inside the propagator is said to be 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Although cannabis seedlings will still develop soundly at lower temperatures; the main benefit of maintaining this optimal temperature is that it accelerates the entire growth rate of your new seedlings.

It can be tricky to get this temperature right; especially if you are using small propagators or single food bags. The larger the propagator you have the easier it is going to be to control the temperature. And when I say large I’m talking a ½ meter squared and up size.

Trying to get as close to the 80 degrees as possible when using small propagators can cause overheating issues and ruin the plants; this is because heat can rise so quickly in these small areas. If in doubt, opt for a cooler temperature.

A general guideline is, as long as the surrounding room temperature is not cold or unbearably hot then there will not be any need for concern in regard to this growing factor.

After cannabis seed propagation period

cannabis seeds rooted

Once the propagation period is over and a single root has appeared at the bottom of the cube [again usually around 10-14 days in all growing mediums] I will use a half strength nutrient solution that is correctly ph adjusted. Aim for a ph average of 6 at this stage.

The root will ensure that the cannabis plant can now support itself without the need for added humidity. Also the plant will now be able to absorb the nutrients being made available to it.

From here on

You will now be making preparation for you cannabis plants to move into the growing system that is going to take them to their final flowering days.

Whether it be, bubbler pot, NFT or soil, one thing I that is essential now is that the plants have a fan circulating the air about them so that the stems and entire plant structure is being strengthened and also that the roots of the plants are receiving as much oxygen as possible.

Depending on all the different varying factors of growing, how you continue once the propagation period has finished is down to you. Some grower will put their young cannabis plants straight into a flowering cycle. This is common when plants are need to be kept shorter due to height restrictions in growing area or height restriction due to growing system like using NFT.

Other growers will keep them in veg for longer periods and then top their plants for growing a scrog or just growing a single larger plant.

Getting it right

As with all the different growing aspects of cannabis, as a beginner you have to learn. But after a couple of grows you’ll gain in confidence and will not be so nervous or critical about making mistakes. Just remember though, don’t try germinating all your seeds at once first time round. At least then you can allow for any errors and start over if necessary.

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OG Kush Seeds

OG Kush Seeds


og kush seeds

OG which stands for ocean green or original gangster [depending where you come from in the US] has become one of the most popular cannabis seeds sold worldwide.

OG Kush cannabis seeds seem to have hit a sweet for all types of cannabis users. A firm favourite with medicinal users and a huge hit with recreational smokers; OG Kush is just awesome.

Mainly indica and a descendant from the Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan, OG kush seeds has its roots from a pure thoroughbred.

What’s it like to grow.

best seeds for scrogIt’s an easy plant to grow that produces very dense buds. Even if the buds do look small the density and dry weight is surprising to most who have not grown her before. Her buds are probably the most solid buds I have seen.

Light green colas, smothered with amazing amounts of beautiful gooey resin. Not to leafy so easy to prune.

She starts to flower slowly, and she’s one of those that you might even have you wondering if she’s all she’s supposed to be if you judge her on the first 4 weeks flowering. Then BOOM! Off she grows… and those sweet tight buds fill out and fill up and are fully mature in a rapid 55-65 days.

Depending on the height you have available in your grow room it’s advisable to get her into flowering ASAP. No more than 10 days veg after first germination leaves have sprouted will help keep her under a metre in most cases.

If you are concerned about her stretching, don’t think you have to miss out; she goes for gold in a scrog.

The smell of OG KUSH is mind bending on its own, the type of aroma that makes you want to eat it. It’s as unique and fruity as it is pungent and heavy. Odour control is essential so make sure you have that carbon filter in place.

The Smoke

Even regular heavy stoners appreciate what this lady offers. She delivers some serious fire power and is great for total body numbness and is a favourite for deep chilling due to her almost sedative properties.

It’s this consistent quality that she gives that has made her such a firm favourite. From California to Western Europe and beyond she’s a super star.

Other Medicinal Marijuana benefits Include Stress management, anger disorders, Alzheimer’s, migraines, vomiting, depression, bipolar, nervousness, Parkinson’s disease, chronic aches and pain, AIDS, cancer, arthritis, anorexia.

Some have reported that OG Kush is great for insomnia while others have reported the opposite… but this may be down to brand of seeds.  We recommended the original DNA genetics Reserva privada.


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Cannabis legislation and Why politicians should be Smoking Weed

Cannabis legislation and Why politicians should be Smoking Weed

Cannabis legislation and Why the world SHOULD smoke weed? 

I just finished watching a documentary on the Vietnam War called “Hearts and minds” It was very moving and I was saddened deeply by the suffering of innocent Vietnamese people.

I remember seeing this picture [beneath] many years ago and wondered if these children managed to survive? In the documentary there is actual film footage of this scene… I wondered all over again.

Trang Bang Vietnam war

But watching that film reinforced my beliefs that no war ever solves anything; There’s always another one waiting to replace the last one. Action can make change, but a war never!

This is why it is important to get across that this war on weed is all messed up and needs a different approach. It’s not really a war, it’s just governed oppression.

If only politicians smoked weed…

The Vietnam documentary made me think how different the world might be if it was actually law to smoke weed. If we the civilians were in charge of the weed smoking programme and we had our own weed Doctors that made sure these politicians had their prescribed daily cannabis. Instead of them making sure we don’t have ours.

I imagined them all lined up in the House of Commons, just like the homeless queuing at a soup kitchen. All those Sir’s, Lords and the like, dressed in their suits, standing in single file waiting for their allocated and compulsory bud and bong. Before the day’s discussions and negotiations had even began. How different might the outcome at the end of the day be?

I wondered if the US government were smoking cannabis prior to the Vietnam War if they’d of even gone to war? Unsurprisingly, the young men fighting the war in Vietnam who were smoking weed were losing their will to fight. But that was wrong to be against the war! It’s all backwards.

Cannabis research

Since the US started to legalise cannabis in its various states, so much more research has started into the benefits of cannabis. It’s curing everything from cancer to obesity, depression to bulimia.

But let’s not get too carried away and forget that cannabis can and does mellow the body and mind. That’s where this all started, right?  Make peace not war.

If cannabis was good enough for Queen Victoria then it’s good enough for me.

Maybe cannabis is the cure for the planet itself…

I’m not going to get all cosmic and hippy-doolally here but just think about this for a minute.

If the world was influenced by cannabis firstly and not the actions of governments, politicians and dictators; and I mean that every man and his dog had access to cannabis in one form or another, what improvements in the world might we see?

Instead of filling our food with genetically modified wheat, imagine our foods contained hemp and had CBD content listed on the nutritional information label instead. Imagine a world where cannabis was literally unavoidable; just like sugar is today. What a utopia.

My personal opinion is that if the world’s decision makers smoked weed, something like a 5/5 THC-CBD strain, and discussed politics after this, the world would be a happier, safer and better place.

It should be a crime not to smoke weed.

What is a crime is that they [the government] can control our beliefs and desires with politics. If we want to smoke weed, that should not be a crime. Yet there they are telling us not to do something that they know very little about. How can they tell you not to smoke weed if they’ve never tried it? It’s ridiculous.

Today, a 200,000+ petition for the legalisation of cannabis in the UK was destroyed before even being debated!

Smoking weed doesn’t turn me into a cocaine snorting, hooker shagging nutter [like this Member of Parliament]. It couldn’t be further from it actually. I’ll read a book, do some work or write a post like I’m doing right now.

I’ve grown up, maybe it’s time the government did.

As I have matured over the years and mellowed like a finely aged cheese [without the pong] things seem so different, things are so different.

Gone is the alcoholic angry man that I once was [but was legal to be so]. That man has been replaced by someone far softer, far smarter and far healthier.

Ironically, even though I had one hell of a battle with alcohol, there’s not one shop in England who’d refuse to sell me a bottle of Vodka if I asked. That’s fucked up!

Glassed in the face

I think it’s well and truly time that the government grew up not screwed up. When people smoke pot they tend not shove broken bottles into one another. In fact in all my years of involvement with cannabis, I have never seen an form of physical violence from a user.

There are far more positives to cannabis legislation than there will ever be with alcohol. I just can’t see what all the BS is about?

Smoking weed just might help us all make better decisions and in turn make the world a better place.



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Weed week the Best cannabis stories from around the globe.

Weed week the Best cannabis stories from around the globe.

Cannabis news

Cannabis can help you lose weight

Cannabis could soon also be curing the worlds’ obesity epidemic. Researchers in Australia have found that combining cannabis compound with vitamin A results in the reduction of fatty lipids. You can read the full story here.

Raids on cannabis farms in the UK drop by 17%

According to recent reports there has been a considerable drop in cannabis farm raids in England. Apprently this is due to financial cut backs; or is it another sign of the laws at last becoming mellow? Read more here

What’s on the menu?

Forget Gordon Ramsay; you can now book a gourmet cannabis cooking class and learn how to cook knock out dishes that really do deliver some kick. You’ll also learn about all the food science. Have a butchers here.

Cannabis oil given green light for the UK

I mentioned this in last week’s post, but the first CBD cannabis oil has gone on sale in the UK… read about it here

What’s good for the goose…

It had to happen, but hopefully it’s not snake oil? The pet industry has started to make CBD pet products and supplements for a range of conditions. If it’s genuine I think it’s a great possibility for pets and pet owners. What do you think? Read the full story

New courses at University: Cannabis cultivation

If maths and English literature is just not inspiring enough to motivate school and college leavers; how about taking a course in cannabis growing??? Wow what an option. Educate yourself here 

Grow Rich

Fancy making a few million? Marijuana businesses are attracting entrepreneurs from all over the planet. And investors are jumping on the bandwagon now. It’s time to get your thinking cap on and come up with that big idea


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Cannabis Oil, what’s the buzz about?

Cannabis Oil, what’s the buzz about?


Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is making the headlines on a regular basis in 2015 but what exactly is cannabis oil?  What’s it used for? And where can you get it?

Cannabis oil [in the form we are talking about] is oil extracted from high CBD cannabis plants that has virtually no THC cannabinoids in the final extracted product that is commonly being offered for sale.

CBD cannabis oil does not give you a buzz or high like THC cannabis does and is actually said to be anti-psychotic.

There are many claims being put forward as to the effectiveness and uses of the CBD cannabis compound and cannabis oil.

These include but are not limited to, anti-inflammatory properties, antiemetic, anti-convulsant, CBD also has the ability to attack some cancer cells, CBD is said to be an antidepressant and as already mentioned is anti- psychotic.

This is all great news, but scientists are claiming that there may be many more medicinal benefits available when more is understood about combining the CBD compound with THC.

You have to understand that THC still has many medicinal benefits in itself. And that CBD is not the new cure for everything.

These are exciting times for cannabis users both social and medicinal; but we can’t yet get too consumed with what the compounds in cannabis are going to be medicinally beneficial for just yet.

cbd-hemp-oil-large-3The fact that you can now smoke cannabis high in CBD or take drops of CBD oil and not get the negative effects that THC may bring is cool, so cool… but it is probably an idea just to remain optimistic about everything at the moment and see how everything evolves, which it will in due course.

Cannabis oil CBD concentrate comes in a nifty syringe that measures dosage for you. Other forms of CBD oil come with a dropper and claim that anywhere from 3 – 20 drops a day is sufficient.

So what are the other cannabis oils available?

Other forms of cannabis oil that is being marketed are from pressed hemp seeds. These oils are either food grade and similar to olive oil or non-food grade that are carrier oils and for external use only.

Make sure you know what you are buying; either it’s highly concentrated medicinal CBD oil, Cannabis oil that is used for and on your body or cannabis hemp oil for cooking and eating.

They are all completely different oils for completely different uses.

Of course, you used to be able to buy cannabis oil for smoking that could be smeared of cigarettes or rolling papers. I haven’t seen that in the UK since the weed revolution though.

You can read more about the research that is being conducted with cannabis and cancer here. You can buy medicinal cannabis oil here and hemp seed oils here.

Cannabis oil in the UK.

Today the first batch of the American brand Charlotte’s web CBD oil became available for sale in the UK.

Roll On…

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