Chronic Cannabis Seeds

ChronicOver the last decade there seems to have been an explosion in the production of medical cannabis seeds. New varieties seem to be appearing every week but are they any different to what is already available? I suppose the only way to be sure is actually try them all!!! But with over 3000 varieties on the web this is obviously futile even if a nice idea.

So how do you decide on the ideal variety? A good idea is to look at the strains that have been around for a good 10 years + that are still in demand today. One such strain fits this criterion perfectly, has many medicinal qualities, gives huge yields, low odor properties, is very easy to grow and is a favorite with beginners and professionals alike. We’re talking about the legendary Chronic from Serious Seeds.

Chronic cannabis seeds are a stable cross of Northern Lights x Skunk x AK-47 Originally developed in 93 and gaining 3rd prize in the cannabis cup the following year Chronic has remained one of the most popular strains of medicinal cannabis seeds to date. A very easy to grow strain, that produces huge dense buds in around 8 weeks that are smothered in resin.

Another unique feature of chronic is it grows a single huge central bud that is surrounded by a few side buds. The buds aren’t leafy so this results in more light being available to the plants.

A recent experiment of a Chronic grow produced 2.5 oz on average of dried bud per a plant growing 6 plants in soil in individual pots under a 400w HPS including a 4 week veg period. Considering the above factors that’s a very impressive yield. But also tested were 6 Chronic seeds grown in 6 individual bubbler pots under a 600w HPS using a Phillips green power lamp after 10 days veg… The results speak for themselves, 6.6 oz per a plant… so just under 3 x the yield.

So almost 40oz in 10 weeks start to finish, without doubt one of the best medicinal and biggest yielding cannabis strains available today. Can you afford to try anything else?