Medicinal Marijuana Growing

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mmjMedicinal marijuana Seeds are popping up everywhere nowadays, but are they all as high in the now highly desirable CBD that they are claiming?

For at least the last decade, THC has been the main priority when searching for the ultimate medicinal Cannabis strain. But recent research has now realized that most beneficial gains from the use of cannabis for treating ailments comes from the compound CBD.

It’s at last some really positive news for cannabis instead of all the negativity surrounding this most natural or remedy’s. Medical Marijuana now has a realistic possibility of becoming mainstream in regard to treatment of the genuinely sick and needy patients and not just the social users.

But is its use one rule for some and one rule for others?

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical situation; judge Green has a conundrum to figure out, sadly his beloved son has become ill and it really doesn’t look good. Judge greens’ son has contracted HIV and his lack of appetite is draining him further. The doctors advise judge Green that if he doesn’t get his son eating soon he’s not going to make it.

Devastated all over again, the judge seeks a solution to keep his son alive. After scouring the web his hopes are lifted after reading a story on an AIDS victim that happened to be in exactly the same position a few years ago.

The AIDS victim retells his life saving story and explains that luckily for him living in L.A his DR. recommended using cannabis to increase his appetite. “And by god it really worked for me” the AIDS victim goes on.

Knowing this maybe just what the judge has been searching for our judge is rushing with the excitement that there is real hope for his son. He then stops and starts to wonder how he can get his hands on some potentially lifesaving cannabis??? But hold on… There’s an issue. He doesn’t live in California, he lives in the UK and cannabis laws here make it illegal for all!!!

But there’s another conundrum… Almost three months ago the Judge tried andbuy mmj prosecuted a man for medicinal marijuana growing; the man had 18 mature plants and claimed he had been growing them as pain relief for a serious injury from a road accident.

The judge did not believe the story and the man was given 6 months in prison for his trouble. The man also had a small amount of unrelated previous convictions that added to the judge’s decision that he was dishonest.

So what does the judge do? Let his son suffer and die because using cannabis is illegal? Or break the law and give his son a real chance of living?

It’s a no brainer to me and probably to the judge and the rest of you; we go and get the cannabis.

In reality though this is probably not as hypothetical as it reads. How many people in positions of authority are actually bending the laws to suit themselves or situations and condemning others in the same positions?

Cannabis needs to be given a clean bill of health itself and removed from the arena of hard drugs and be realized as the natural remedy it is. Medical marijuana should have a sound standing in society, it might not suit everyone, but for those it does or those that are willing to give it a try for medicinal reasons, it’s long overdue as a viable option.

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