How to dry cannabis fast

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Drying Cannabis

This is the cannabis drying machine that I invented to quick dry cannabis without any smell. It’s very easy to make and really effective. Here’s how I made it.

  • You get a large cardboard box and turn it upside down. You then make small holes all over the bottom using a screwdriver and then turn the box back up the right way, so the holes are at the bottom.
  • You then cut a hole in the top of the box to allow the ducting from the carbon filter to pass and connect to the extractor fan.
  • You then thread some wire across the top of the box to hang your plants from, you can also just lay the pruned bud in the bottom of the box if you prefer.
  • Then stand the box on some sort of supports so that it is elevated, some bricks or even upturned pots or something.
  • After this you place a tubular heater underneath so that the heat can rise up to the bottom of the drying chamber and through the holes that you put in it. You need to leave a gap of about 10 cm from the heater to the bottom of your drying box so as not to burn anything.
  • You then hang or lay your buds into the box and seal it up using some tape.
  • Make sure you seal up around where the ducting comes out as best as you can.
  • Now turn on the heater and turn on the extractor fan.
  • If you have laid lots of bud in the bottom of the box make sure that you turn it every day.
  • The extractor sucks the cannabis infused warm air straight through the bottom of the chamber and then through the carbon filter so it eliminates all smell whilst giving the bud a nice quick dry.

Obviously this process is different to curing your bud but you could use the same device and use timers for the fan and heater to achieve a steady cure.

The main purpose of this cannabis drying machine though is to eliminate smells while speeding up the drying process.

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