About Us

Welcome to seriousseeds.org, we are an INDEPENDENTLY operated website selling ONLY Serious Seeds with NO DIRECT AFFILIATION to seriousseeds.com.  This site is dedicated to the only cannabis seeds you will ever need, Seriously!!!

If you’re new to the cannabis seeds world you may be completely bewildered as to what strain and variety of cannabis seed to choose??? I totally understand, with over 3000 varieties how do you actually decide? However if you are an experienced cannabis connoisseur you know why you’re here… Serious seeds have been at the forefront of cannabis seeds for over 17 years. Serious seeds never ever believed in the philosophy of the more varieties the better; but only ever believed in fewer strains of the absolute highest quality. Growing from strength to strength, their original strains remain the strongest, highest yielding medicinal cannabis seeds available today.

Serious seeds strains have produced the biggest yields of the strongest smoke I have ever seen from a single plant; and I have been fortunate enough to see many many grow rooms aside from personal.  The strength is unsurpassed as is the unique taste and aroma between varieties…

However it astounds me how many different varieties/strains of cannabis/seeds are available today?  Why so many?  When only one variety needs to suit the individual right?!  CBD or THC… gone are the days of Moroccan black and rocky solids when that’s all we had [but amazingly everyone seemed to be happy with that], now it’s much easier to grow your own so you don’t have to rely on some sleazy drug dealer or gangster to keep you sorted…  And you have a choice of thousands of different varieties to choose from, but in all honesty most of them are rubbish at best and who really needs that much choice?

I can assure you from experience the only seed bank you’ll ever need is Serious seeds!!!  Biggest yield, highest strength, best taste, do you honestly need anything else?

This site has been developed  in honour of the best cannabis seeds available today [or at least in my opinion] and to save you the unnecessary trial and error and waste of time and money you’ll have in finding the perfect variety.

Serious seeds, quality never compromised.