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Serious Seeds

The owner of serious seeds, Simon, is the man responsible for the original genetics of their cannabis strains.  

An educated man, studying biology at university in Amsterdam; He did not smoke in the early days, either tobacco or cannabis.

Ironically whilst travelling around Africa Simon discovered cannabis and the medicinal benefits it has. 

From there he started to grow his own from Seeds he had collected for personal use; from there he to their natural step towards crossing and breeding the best varieties. 

The genetic background of this material is somewhat of a mystery.  Simon was teaching biology when Alan Dronkers approached him and offered him work at Sensi Seeds. 

A serious career change but nonetheless one he’s never regretted. 

Serious seeds

Serious Seeds the Beginning

After working for Sensi Seeds, Simon decided to start his own cannabis seeds company and with the help of some American cannabis refugees, serious seeds first strains were born, some 18 years ago now. 

Serious seeds first strains were AK-47 and Chronic both winning awards at the prestigious cannabis cup in Amsterdam.

Serious seeds have always used Amsterdams coffee shops to get an honest and overall opinion of their products. 

The greenhouse Coffeeshop was rewarded with a cannabis cup with Kali Mist grown by Serious Seeds.

In 1996 the infamous coffeeshop the ‘Dampkring’ won the Overall Cup at that years Cannabis Cup with Serious seeds newest strain White Russian. 

Serious seeds is a small prestigious company that supplies the highest of quality cannabis Seeds to the discerning buyer. 

The big 6 in the arsenal, AK 47, Chronic, Bubblegum, Kali Mist, White Russian and Serious 6 are all exceptional, there is not a bad or average variety among them. 

Quality never compromised… when you want the best you need look no further.

Many strains of today have the genetics linked with serious seeds originals.